Pencil drawing of Luther Burbank House

Luther Burbank House

Pencil sketch
8 ½ " x 11"

Well I ended up spending more time on this than I had planned but it was interesting to work on both a house and landscape at the same time. I found the house and the shed to be more difficult to draw because of the siding on the outside. These lines needed to be drawn in perspective and would have been more accurate had they been drawn out to the vanishing point. Instead, I just carefully drew the lines by sight using a ruler. Amazingly, the bricks for the wall and greenhouse were the easiest thing to draw.

Pencil sketch of the Luther Burbank House

Luther Burbank House

Initial pencil sketch

I started this sketch today with the thought of roughing out the proportions. I began by ruling out 12 quadrants onto my paper to help get the initial components in the right place and at the correct size. I am pleased that so far it does look like a house! The paper is bigger than my scanner so a bit of unintentional cropping has occurred. I'll keep working on this in hopes it will turn out well.

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