About the Daily Sketcher - Cynthia Starnes Tracy

Thanks for visiting my website. I have been thinking about drawing again since I have a bit more time now. I hope that if I sketch a little every day I will get better, faster, and enjoy the process more. I have tried this before. But for me, drawing always becomes a big time commitment - one that takes up more time than I have. When I start a sketch, I can't seem to find an ending point. My sketch never seems good enough so I keep working on the same piece for longer than I feel I should. I become too attached to it rather than moving on to another sketch. It definitely seems that moving on would be preferable to giving up drawing altogether. There must be a way to say 'I have learned enough from this project' and believe it.

I also enjoy working on websites so I created this one to display my work. I am hoping this will help me track my progress and add some motivation to sketch daily. My initial thought was to complete something everyday, but after trying this, I find it is a better goal just to sketch everyday. So I am putting sketches on the website in stages as I go along. Right now I will be mainly concentrating on the pencil sketches and charcoal drawings, but hope to put up some of my attempts at using color.

I also plan to work on learning to paint. I have tried a few paintings in the past with acrylic, pastel, and gouache, but would like to try some water color. Sometimes I start a sketch and realize that I would really like to add color.

I also plan to include pages for my other projects such as knitting, paper models, and any other endeavor that might fall under crafts and such.

Hope you enjoy the website!