Thumbnail study sketches

Thumbnail studies

Heavy drawing paper

Mechanical pencil
Individual sketches are 3" x 2.5"

In preparation for another drawing I decided to sketch a series of thumbnail studies to rough out several drawings. This enables me to quickly get down ideas and also helps me see the big picture before I get caught up in details. I like to check out the values as well as see how the placement of objects will look in the overall composition. However, at this small scale it is easy to unintentionally introduce a texture that will not be seen in the larger drawing.

The various subjects include, geese at Roberts Lake, a very comfortable dog, a butterfly in the thicket, a girl in a fancy dress riding on her horse (in a parade), and a cat on the fence. So far I like them all. Now I just need to choose one and get started.

Pencil sketches
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Pencil sketch of butterfly Pencil sketch of thumbnail studies
Pencil ketch of dog Initial sketch of Red Mountain
Sweet peas - pencil drawing Surfer with dog - pencil drawing
Bonsai tree - pencil drawing Mushrooms - pencil drawing
Lily - pencil drawing Rose - pencil drawing
Mushroom - pencil drawing Luther Burbank house - pencil drawing
Hummer - pencil drawing