Drawing of mushrooms

Pencil sketch
Heavy colored art paper
9" X 12"

A large quantity of mushrooms are now taking over my terrarium. These mushrooms are a bright yellow and are like nothing I have ever seen before. I would like to try to do a color painting of them if I get time.

This subject has proved difficult because of all the individual leaves and mushrooms that overlap and become indistinct if they do not have different values. I have began to add value with additional pencils ranging from HB to 6B after doing much of the drawing with a mechanical pencil.

Pencil sketches
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Red Mountains, Crystal Lake - pencil drawing Initial sketch of Red Mountain
Sweet peas - pencil drawing Surfer with dog - pencil drawing
Bonsai tree - pencil drawing Mushrooms - pencil drawing
Lily - pencil drawing Rose - pencil drawing
Mushroom - pencil drawing Hummer - pencil drawing
  Luther Burbank house - pencil drawing