Pencil drawing of Hummingbird

Hummingbird at feeder

Pencil sketch
8 ½ " x 11"

This drawing proved to be a real challenge for me. Because the background was so busy, it was easy for the hummer to get lost in the composition. I finally made the the background much darker and out of focus. I accomplished the darker value using Photoshop on the scanned image since I could not get this range in values with the pencils I am using. I started the initial sketch on heavyweight drawing paper with the idea that if I were pleased with it, I would continue the drawing by working up the values. However, charcoal does not work with this paper so I continued on with the pencil. If I were doing it again I would probably use charcoal on a textured paper. I think this would have given me a greater range of values and possibly a more satisfactory way to get a motion blur to the wings.

Pencil sketch of hummingbird

Hummingbird at feeder

Pencil sketch

I started this sketch from a photo today. At first I was pleased with the the beginning outlines until I stood back and got away from the details. I then realized that the fast shutter speed setting on my camera had stopped the motion of the wings and when drawn this way, gave an overall static appearance to the drawing. I had set the shutter speed this way because the hummer was so quick I was afraid that I would miss him altogether. I'll have to think about how to give the appearance of wing motion when I try to complete this sketch.

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