Charcoal drawing - lilies


Vine charcoal sketch
18" x 24"

I decided to go ahead and attempt to draw something larger than one lily. It was difficult getting started - in fact, I didn't know where to start. So I just placed the charcoal in the middle and began moving it around, trying to get approximate shapes, sizes and positions. I kept my charcoal moving pretty continuously, stepping back occasionally to take a look. My goal was to create a sketch that was fairly close proportionally to the still life. During the process, I began to feel it I would not be able to accomplish the goal and put the work aside until this morning. When I stared drawing again, I was able to quickly finish up. So I guess that sometimes a break from work is good. Also, sometimes it is difficult to see how far it is to our destination. We may actually be very close to obtaining our goals without realizing it.

Charcoal sketches
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